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How to Get the Most from a Professional Resume Service

Once you’ve chosen a professional resume service to help you prepare for making contact with potential employers, you’ve taken the first step toward tilting the playing field in your favor.

Just as years of experience have made you an expert in your field, specialists in the area of resume preparation can provide you with focused writing expertise and familiarity with the constantly changing rules of the job market. However, even an expert needs top quality materials to work with in order to guarantee a superior product. So what can you do to get the maximum benefit from the service you’ve selected?

1. Start Early

It takes time to condense your entire career history, educational background, and other details into a focused instrument of communication. A professional resume service will want to arrange a detailed interview to develop a clear understanding of where you’re coming from, and where you would like to go.

Your service may also request copies of documents such as diplomas, certifications, and awards in order to have plenty of details about your experience and accomplishments to work from. So when you plan the search for your new position, start early, and allow your service as much time as possible so that they can integrate your skills and experience into the best possible representation of your professional capabilities.

2. Know Thyself

These favorite words of ancient philosophers are as true today as ever, particularly when preparing a resume. An executive resume writing service will work with you to refine the image you want to project, but you can aid this process by thinking in advance about your unique selling proposition. What do you bring to the table that no one else can provide? What qualities make you the ideal candidate for the position? Who are you, in terms of your professional approach and your broader career goals?

Starting with a solid understanding of your personal brand can help your resume writer develop an outstanding document that will distinguish you from the pile of other applicants.

3. Trust The Experts

Whether you’re busy fulfilling your duties at your current post while you search for a new position, or hitting the streets and making contacts each day to develop new career prospects, you may be tempted to put off scheduling that interview or review session with your professional resume service.

You may feel like you don’t have time to dig up all your background information, or you may wonder if all the documentation is really necessary. Just remember that you’ve hired the best people for the job, and the more material they have to work with, the better they can represent you to prospective employers. Follow all advice to the letter, and answer all requests in a timely fashion, and they will make sure that the resume you submit clearly communicates your qualifications and expertise in the executive job market.

4. Stay In Touch

A resume is a living document, and your professional resume service will want to know about any progress or changes that might help them better refine their presentation of your credentials. Have you been taking professional development courses during your career search, or qualified for new certifications? Let them know, and they can integrate new accomplishments and qualifications into your resume.

Did an interview or other correspondence with potential employers give you new ideas for clarifying your personal brand, or cause you to rethink what type of career you want?

Your professional resume writer will want to know about any changes in your goals or your overall career focus, so that your resume can be re-organized or updated to reflect who you are as a professional. Often times these updates are either included in an executive resume writing package or available for a small fee.


When it comes to the best possible presentation of your abilities and accomplishments, an executive resume review with a certified resume writing professional is going to give you a leg up on the competition.

If you are interested in learning more, you can request a free executive resume review.

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