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Executive Resume Writing Secrets

Executive Resume Writing Secrets

What are the secrets when doing executive resume writing? You have years of experience in your field and a long list of skills and accomplishments, and you know how to speak the language of your profession once you get in the door for the interview.

But if your resume doesn’t properly present you as a qualified and unique candidate, you’re more likely to wind up in the “Thanks, we’ll call you” pile with everybody else. So how do you distinguish yourself from the pack?

The successful executive resume must be a precision marketing instrument. No longer the canonical list of past jobs, skills, hobbies, and references, executive resume writing focuses your advantages and assets on communicating your potential value to the hiring manager.

Additionally, a resume must be crafted in order to bypass any number of mailroom attendants, personal assistants, and other human filters, to ensure that the hiring manager has the opportunity to evaluate you as a potential candidate. Here are a few pointers on how to successfully translate your professional acumen and your career experience into the interview invitation that will seal the deal:

Develop Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

Executive resume writing should not be an exhaustive list of professional and educational bullet points, but instead should be a targeted sales pitch focused around what you, and no one else, can bring to the table.

Do you have a great track record for bringing discontented customers back into the fold?

Are you a master cold-caller who can turn any contact list into a client list?

Can your leadership skills turn around struggling departments and divisions, converting the company embarrassment into a high-performance powerhouse that sets the standards for everyone else?

Once you determine what your Unique Selling Proposition should be, you can highlight the aspects of your education, professional experience, and personal information that showcase your individual expertise and demonstrate why saying yes to you will be the best hiring decision the company ever made.

Brief, But Not Too Brief

Hiring managers for executive positions are in a position of great responsibility to the company, so they will generally be people much like you: focused, discerning, and above all, BUSY.

Too much detail, or too little, is likely to get your resume tossed out during the first pass. Successful executive resume writing must convey all of the relevant information, while being respectful of the hiring manager’s time and attention. Don’t be afraid to fill up two pages, or three if needed, but be cautious about venturing beyond three pages, as a long-winded resume might be judged to be not worth the time.

Use Reverse Chronological Format on Your Resume

Proper formatting of your resume can help you communicate your potential value without demanding too much time from the hiring manager.

Forcing someone to review your entire career history to get to your more recent accomplishments can frustrate readers, but listing previous positions in reverse chronological format allows the hiring manager instead to see your more recent experience first, and then decide whether to keep reading. Easier reading can help to ensure that your resume makes it to the next round.

Get Professional Help

When it comes to executive resume writing, four eyes are better than two, and professional eyes are better still!

Professionalism is crucial, so be sure to have someone else proofread to catch any mistakes. And remember, just as your target company should hire you because you are an expert and a specialist in your field, professional resume writing services are a very wise investment for the executive level candidate.

When it comes to the best possible presentation of your abilities and accomplishments, an executive resume review with the professionals is going to give you a leg up on the competition.


When it comes to the best possible presentation of your abilities and accomplishments, an executive resume review with a certified resume writing professional is going to give you a leg up on the competition.

If you are interested in learning more, you can request a free executive resume review.

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